Lady Daisey grew up on 'the road', the daughter of musician parents who were a traveling cover band. 'The road' is in quotations because they actually lived on a house boat. On stage with he parents is where she would develop her love for performing. A natural star, young Lady Daisey was featured in the movie Smokey and the Bandit 3. She would later grow to become a powerhouse vocalist and settled in Jacksonville, FL where she met her producer and eventual life-partner, Batsauce. The two started performing live in Jacksonville under the moniker of 'Heavenly Noise' and they eventually befriended local legend, Paten Locke and formed 'The Smile Rays'. After landing some international touring and boutique label offers, Batsauce & Lady Daisey wound up in Berlin, Germany where they accidentally ended up staying for nearly 10 years. In Berlin, the duo linked with BBE records and released 2 full albums of show-stopping soul music. In addition to her love for music, Lady Daisey is an accomplished graphic/web designer and is responsible for all of her own graphics & artwork. 

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