We are FULL PLATE - a record label, entertainment company and crew based out of Atlanta, GA  / Jacksonville, FL. Founded in 2013, FULL PLATE is the brainchild of Dillon Maurer, a Jacksonville native and Paten Locke a Jacksonville transplant from Boston, Mass. An up-and-coming artist, Dillon was in college at the University of Florida in the early 2000's when he met Paten, who was already well established as a DJ, Beatmaker, MC and member of the acclaimed underground group, Asamov. The two became fast friends and Paten became a huge influence and inspiration on Dillon's career. Eventually they released their first collaborative album, 'Studies in Hunger' in 2009 with an independent label, Domination Recordings.

     After receiving the rights back to their album in 2013, the duo decided to follow through on their long-talked about plan of creating a home base for their home team of artists in Jacksonville and Atlanta, where Maurer moved and set up shop in 2005. Thus FULL PLATE was born. Extensions of the label include 'Plates and Crates' a vegan vinyl DJ dinner party hosted by Dillon in Atlanta as well as 'Little Plates', an all 7" vinyl party hosted by Paten in Jacksonville. After 6 years and 10 releases, tragically Paten Locke passed away from cancer in 2019. Carrying the torch in Paten's wake is his daughter, Asha Locke who is partnered with Dillon in the continuing effort of 'Sticking a Fork in Rap'. Truly it is and forever will be, FULL PLATE FAM.



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