Lady Daisey

Lady Daisey & the House Guests

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This was a special project. All the songs were written & performed in 7 days in the fall of 2007. Most of the recordings were 1st takes. The idea was to make (as close as possible) a live, in-studio project. There were no samples. I played most of the instruments, starting with bass & drums, adding keys, guitar, etc. I also got indispensable help from my very talented friends.


released April 26, 2008

Batsauce - Bass, Drums, Voice, Keys, Guitar, Percussion, Flute, etc.
Lady Daisey - Lead Vocals
Paten Locke - Emcee (Little Sips)
Chop - Emcee (Work It Out)
Patrick Evan - Vocals
Dorien Lopez - Percussion
Joe Yorio - Horns
Jay Myztroh - Additional Keys (What It Is)
Steve Baird - Additional Guitar (Work It Out, What It Is, Habitat)
Dillon - Emcee (Fish Fry)

Written, Arranged, Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Batsauce
Photography - Batsauce
Art & Layout - Lady Daisey