Dillon Presents: The Tails of Lobsterdamus (FP011)

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The debut solo effort from MC/DJ/Beatmaker, Dillon!

Take a ride with Lobsterdamus as he (unwillingly) journeys from his home planet of Lobtropolis to Earth, embarking on a quest to save humanity from itself. More importantly, he's looking for Lobby Dame.


released July 5, 2019

Beats & Cuts: Dillon
Raps: Lobsterdamus

Recorded & Mixed by Dillon Vaughan Maurer at the Lobby Domocile in East Point, GA.
Mastered by Marc Lawrence at Steady Studios, Queens, NYC
Publishing: D. Maurer for Cody's Brother's Music (BMI)

Illustration: Phill Stroman aka Phill Most Chill
Logos: Kenski
Design: Mr Krum

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