Dillon & Diamond D

Uncut Gems (FP027)

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Produced by: Diamond D
Raps & Scratches: Dillon

Guest Features (in order of appearance): Diamond D, Elzhi, Planet Asia, Ras Kass, Stacy Epps & Slimkid3

Mixed by: Dillon & Diamond D
Mastered by: Batsauce

Additional Vocals on Track 1: Janie Kol, Ashley Miles, Kevin Dingle
Additional Vocals on Track 5: Janie Kol

Publishing: (J. Kirkland for Dusty Fingers Music / BMI), (D. Maurer for Cody's Brother's Music / BMI)

Design/Layout: Mr. Krum
Released June 6, 2023
An uncut gem is rough around the edges and the beauty of its qualities are in the eye of the beholder. They are each composed of rugged imperfections and crafted naturally over time by immense amounts of pressure. What they may lack in refinement they make up for with a limitless potential to shine in their own way. And what better place to discover uncut gems than in a diamond mine?

Once again, Atlanta-based rapper/DJ, Dillon has teamed up with Grammy award-winning beatsmith and bonafide Hip-Hop legend, Diamond D on production duties; this time for a full-length album. Where their first collaborative effort, Black Tie Affair (2017), had a more polished approach, Uncut Gems offers a deeper glimpse of the Underground - a sound that Diamond D and his crew, D.I.T.C. helped define in the 90's and an aesthetic that Dillon came to embody in the early 2000's as a student of the era.

Production-wise, Diamond's beats run the gamut both sonically and chronologically. Some were composed more recently with Diamond's current equipment & expertise, fully tracked out and able to be manipulated & mixed. Others range back to the late 90's, condensed down to chunky 2-tracks exported from the arsenal of beat machines that Diamond had at his dusty fingers.

Armed with a pen as his pickaxe, Dillon is up to the challenge of chiseling this eclectic arrangement of beats into songs worthy of being examined like the uncut gems they are. By simplifying his skillsets down to the basic elements, Dillon digs ever deeper to compliment the gritty gems unearthed by Diamond. To add some luster they enlisted a roster of rap's finest including Elzhi. Planet Asia, Ras Kass, Stacy Epps & Slimkid3 of The Pharcyde.

Dillon's blue-collar work ethic and quiet consistency have made him a beloved underdog of the underground and with Diamond D holding him down, he no longer can be overlooked. Behold, Uncut Gems.