Dillon & Batsauce

Self Medicated (FP012)

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Atlanta based rapper/DJ, Dillon & globetrotting beatmaker, Batsauce are back with more musical mayhem. On their 2018 full-length, 'On Their Way' the well-traveled combo gazed outward, examining how far they've come in the world and their place in it. Here on their 4th project together, the duo instead reflects inward on the woes of depression & addiction in our society and how many of us choose to be Self Medicated just to survive. But everyone does so differently - booze, drugs, food, sex, even extensive self-care can become a way of numbing yourself to a reality we did not choose. There's no simple solution to the complex problems we all face as human beings struggling to live on a dying planet, but we suggest you apply this musical medicine to your ears and see what it does for YOU. Doctor's orders!


released February 18, 2020

Beats: Batsauce | @Batsauce
Rhymes & Cuts: Dillon | @DillonMaurer

*Additional Rhodes Piano on Goin' Dutch by DJ Harrison
**'She Blew Smoke' contains an excerpt from the novel, 'South of Paradise' by Douglas Vaughan Maurer, performed by the author.

Recorded & Mixed by: Dillon at The Lobby Domocile in East Point, GA
Mastered by: Marc Lawrence at Steady Studios, Queens, NYC

Cover Photo: Britt Traynham
Art: Kenski

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