The Smile Rays are a hip hop trio started in the early 2000's in Jacksonville, Florida by beat maker Batsauce and his wife, vocalist and visual artist, Lady Daisey along with frontman emcee and maestro, Therapy aka Paten Locke. After receiving a plethora of critical acclaim in the beginning stages of The Blog Era, The Smile Rays landed independent record deals with Jakarta (Germany), Subcontact (Japan) and were a part of the esteemed 'Rawkus 50' in 2007. They were able to tour the U.S. and Europe with their electrifying live show and gained the respect with a score of Underground hip hop's elite. 

After recording 2 albums and a plethora of unreleased songs, The Smile Rays never officially disbanded but they did move on to all three become prolific solo artists in their own right.

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