Dillon & Batsauce

Self Medicated (The Remixes)

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With the original album released in Feb of 2020, Dillon & Batsauce enlisted a few of their favorite producer friends to RemiX the project while we were all under quarantine. These are the results of our experiment...


released July 17, 2020

DJ Applejac for Sounds of Mecca Entertainment, Yamin Semali for Yen Dollar Music, Day Tripper, Jeremy Avalon, Tuamie, J57 of FiveSe7en Collective, P.U.D.G.E. for 2 22 PM Productions / ASCAP, DJ Jon Doe for Southern Recycling / Southern Vangard, Dillon for Cody's Brother's Music / BMI, Batsauce / Batsizzle ASCAP, Willie Evans Jr. & DJ Pocket for Serious Knock Entertainment

#3 - Scratches by: Day Tripper
#11 - Mixed by: DJ Romes at Watch Your Step Studios
Mastered by: Batsauce