The Difference Machine

Alien Nation and the Black Adolescent (FP029)

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Limited 'Blood-Stained Gold' Cassette w/ Bonus Instrumentals
This is a story of violence. This is a story of abuse from which there is no happy ending. Children without a country. A country without freedom. We are the result. This is our manifesto... our answer to oppression. Listen closely as we examine it all from the most personal places in all of our hearts.

The Difference Machine presents 'Alien Nation and the Black Adolescent.'

An exposè on the conditions in which we live, the obstacles in our path, and the rage that we simply cannot hold back anymore.

This is the 4th studio album from the Atlanta-based psychedelic rap outfit, and their 2nd with FULL PLATE, following up 2022's 'Unmasking the Spirit Fakers'. Guests features include Allen Thomas of thefamilyorchestra + Deacon the Villain of Cunninlynguists.

released July 18, 2023

Lyrics by Day Tripper
Produced by Dr. Conspiracy
Mixed and Mastered by Threepeeoh
Cover Art by Dr. Conspiracy

Additional lyrics on "Old Men" by Allen Thomas
Additional lyrics on "Paradise" by Deacon the Villain

Keys on "Future See" by Ian Newberry and Day Tripper
Keys on "Nah Son", "Paradise", "His County" by Day Tripper

All scratches by Day Tripper